Monthly Mantras: July

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve all been keeping well since my last post. I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last put pen to paper. Shaun is now back at work so River and I are finding our new routine and rhythm together. Once we’ve found our groovy groove, I’ll be back to writing and making new food creations so share with you all.

River is 4 months old now and in many ways, we have a regular routine with him which is lovely. He is learning and developing every day which is just so beautiful to see. There’s nothing quite like seeing your baby’s eyes full of love, joy and wonder. Being responsible for another life can be challenging, there’s no doubt about it and this made me think about the theme for July’s mantras in relation to becoming a Mum.

Over the past 18 weeks, it’s been really important for me to balance my life whilst adapting to becoming River’s Mummy. I am breastfeeding, which I am sooo happy about. I feel very fortunate that River and I established a routine with this within the first couple of weeks. However, producing milk is hard work and feeding can become tiring, especially at the end of a long, busy day. I am very conscious that the energy required to physically produce this milk has to be made-up somewhere along the line through sleep, nourishing food, time to relax and time out and this is true whether your baby is breast or bottle-fed.

I feel that it’s so important to take care of ourselves and look after our physical and mental and emotional wellbeing. By taking some time for ourselves each day, even if it’s 30 minutes to do something that relaxes us, this can be all we need to reset and revive our spirits! At this very moment, River is napping so I’m taking this time to write. It’s what I love to do (alongside making smoothies) and it makes me feel good. I find it very cathartic and if I can help people along the way with my words then that’s a double-whammy!

What do you love to do? What’s your favourite way to relax? Do you have any tips for new Mums to help them? (Comment below)…..So, my Mantras for the month of July are just for all the magnificent Mums out there being all kinds of amazing! You absolutely rock and you’re doing an incredible job!

• I am an amazing Mum and if I feel tired, it’s ok to take some time out to rest.

• I know what my baby needs and if we have a day that doesn’t go to plan, that’s ok because we’re both learning.

• It’s ok to ask for help. I can’t do it all and my baby will benefit from Mummy doing the things she loves.

• I must remember to nourish and nurture myself.

• I’m doing a great job!

There we go! In a nutshell – you are totally amazing and you’re doing a cracking job! I have absolutely no qualms about repeating all of the above mantras to myself every day because I know that they help. Setting and repeating positive affirmations can have a really beneficial impact on our day and it’s something I’ve done for a long time.

Life can be tough sometimes and we need to make sure that we are cradling ourselves with love and compassion. We have every right, especially as we navigate this brand new terrain as new Mums, to be happy, to flourish and to do what makes us smile.

I also wanted to give a big shout-out to all the beautiful and amazing Mummy’s who are doing this by themselves. You are utterly brilliant and I think you’re sooo amazing.

I’m cooking a yummy meal this evening followed by some lovely chocolate-dunked strawberries! I’ll also most likely pop some Friends on the telly box and ask Shaun to rub my back! He loves doing that, not!!! It’s all the little things that add up so keep doing what you’re doing xxx

All my love and encouragement,

Holly xxx

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