Hello and welcome to Holly’s Wholesome Kitchen. I can’t express how overjoyed I am (well, maybe I could through the medium of dance) to finally have my recipes all under one roof.

Since publishing my blog ‘The Skin I’m In’ back in May 2012, I have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback it has received and as a result, I have been fortunate enough to give guidance and support to others who are suffering with depression and problems with their skin as a result of overuse of topical steroids.

My quest, wish, dream, desire, aim, is to continue to support those who ask for my help whilst using my website as a platform to promote the benefits of eating healing, nutritious, wholesome foods by sharing my delicious, healthy recipes.

To cut a long story short, I suffered with various skin conditions over the years. Acne was prevalent in my teens and early twenties and as a result of consistent antibiotic use, I developed Sebhorreic Dermatitis on my face for which I was prescribed various topical steroids. After 4 years of applying steroids to my face, I withdrew, cold-turkey. It almost broke me.

During my darkest hour, the turning point, I knew that I had to treat my body from the inside in order for it to heal once and for all. I sought the help of an amazing nutritional therapist and with her guidance and support, I managed to detox my body and rid it of the poisonous steroids. My face blew-up, it felt like it was on fire and for 3 months, during cessation, I just had to be patient and let my body do its thing and the supplements work their magic.

This is what amazes me so much about the body. It is truly remarkable. It knows how to heal itself and with the proper nourishment going in, the health benefits can be truly amazing. Having had first-hand experience of healing from the inside, I am absolutely dedicated to sharing my passion about the curative benefits of eating wholesome foods and nourishing the body with what it requires to work at its optimum capability.

I hope you like my recipes, please feel free to leave feedback or ask any questions you may have.

With much love and encouragement,

Holly xxx.


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