Monthly Mantras: June

Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve been keeping well. It’s been quite a while since my last post and a lot has happened recently. River is now 14 weeks old and he’s such a little pickle! Thankfully, we had a week after he was born before lockdown began for our parents to meet him but other than that, Shaun and I are pretty-much the only 2 faces he’s seen.

It’s completely understandable that many people are struggling at the moment, not least new parents who might have ordinarily had the back-up and support of family and friends to guide them through the sometimes tough terrain of being a new parent.

The days can feel long (but paradoxically they dash-by), in a haze of feeding, nappy changes, play time, housework, cooking ; a big huge joyful pot if everything. Now that we are able to go outside for longer than an hour, I feel lighter and it feels so good to be able to take River out and show him the sea, the woods, flowers, the sky. We have a lovely garden but I was fearful that his development might not be as it would have been but he is thriving and he’s such a happy little boy.

I haven’t shared my monthly mantras with you for what seems like ages but I really feel that we could all do with a boost in these sometimes tricky-to-navigate days. The main thing that I’ve learnt and am trying to implement every day is to just be kinder to myself. I’m not a failure because I sometimes have an ‘off’ day. I’ve realised that not every day can be mega amazing; there needs to be light and shade within the tapestry of our lives otherwise we wouldn’t appreciate the sparkles. Embracing the entire gambit of human emotion is where the true treasure is but this can take courage – some feelings are heavy to carry.

With this in mind, here are my Mantras for the sunny month of June. I will repeat these to myself morning and night and sometimes in between if I feel like it. I also physically write them down and carry them in my purse. There’s something hugely powerful about getting our thoughts, using our hands, on to paper. The physical act of writing can be a really cathartic process.

• Life is in a constant state of flux and I have the strength and resilience to navigate my way the through these Ever-changing waters.

• I am beautiful, bold and able to rise above anything that is causing me emotional discomfort.

• I understand that nothing lasts forever and this too shall pass.

• I am a source of inspiration for my family and friends and by winning each day, it encourages them to win, too.

• Each day is a fresh new start and the seeds I sow today will blossom into the most bright and brilliant future.

I hope you like my Mantras you lovely people. You are amazing and you’re doing GREAT! Never forget how precious you are.

All my love and encouragement,

Holly xxx

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