Self-Care In The 3rd Trimester

Hi everyone! As I approach week 38 of my pregnancy, it’s been quite noticeable how much things have changed from the first 2 trimesters in terms of what my body needs on a day-to-day basis. Although I’m not as tired as I was during trimester 1, the lack of sleep and inability to get comfortable at night has taken its toll on my energy levels.

I’ve finished work now which is great and it means that I can concentrate on resting-well during the afternoon (after a morning of activity, walking my bump, getting organised etc). It’s amazing how a woman’s body adapts to the changes that pregnancy dictates. We’re pretty amazing aren’t we!

I’ve hand-on-heart enjoyed every single aspect of growing our beautiful baby and a part of me feels a little bit sad that this journey with my bump is coming to an end. However, I am totally excited for the next amazing chapter and all of the joy and challenges it will bring.

Shaun too is so excited to become a Daddy, he has been so amazing throughout and I know that he is going to be so incredible. Looking after me and making sure that I’m fed, watered and comfortable has been good training for him! It’s amazing how much closer you feel to your other half when you have made something so precious together; half me, half you my darling.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve adapted my routine to suit my energy levels and to accommodate my growing bump (which is rather huge now!). It’s so important to take it easy as the finish line approaches (easier said than done for me), but allowing yourself to slow down and rest-up is paramount for the wellbeing of Mumma’s and babies.

Here are my favourite tips for looking after your wellbeing in the 3rd trimester:

• Stay active (within moderation): Remaining active is so crucial for the health of both Mum & baby. Getting the blood flowing and breathing-in some lovely fresh air can be really beneficial for overall wellbeing both mentally and physically. Whether you can manage a quick 5 minute dash or a 20 minute walk, both amounts will refresh and revitalise the mind, body & soul.

• Hot water bottle. If, like me, you have had some lower back pain, a lovely hot water bottle applied to the area in the evening will ease the tension. A lot of women suffer with back pain during their pregnancies and I have actually been to see an osteopath a few times. Coupled with lots of stretching, I am able to get around much more easily. It’s no wonder that our lower regions in general feel heavy during the 3rd trimester; we are carrying a human being around in our body!

• Oil up! I’ve been using an amazing stretch mark oil by Weleda on my bump, boobs and butt and it’s been amazing! The oil doesn’t sit on top of the skin so there’s no drama with clothing etc. It smells divine and it has worked wonders on my skin.

• Pamper. I have been taking the time to give myself a bit of pampering most days. I feel that it’s really important to look after ourselves as we come to the final stages of pregnancy. Another huge change is afoot and we will be venturing into completely new territory (if it’s your first baby). Taking time for me has been lovely and I know that it has helped to keep me calm, relaxed and in the right frame of mind for labour.

• Treat yourself. If you haven’t yet discovered Bumpboxes (the most beautiful monthly pregnancy subscription box), go check-out these amazing parcels of self-care loveliness to make you feel extra special throughout your pregnancy. I received mine a few days ago and I absolutely love it. Each one contains 5-8 full-size products and it is all packaged so beautifully. Here’s the link to see how to go about getting your monthly dose of self-care sunshine (or you can grab a one-off box!).

Included in my box:

1 x The Honey Pot Company plant-based ‘mommy to be wipes’ to balance, nourish & restore

1 x Daily Concepts vegan, & biodegradable daily body scrubber

1 x Promise leg ease cooling spray with peppermint oil, magnesium, ginger root & cucumber

1 x ‘You are one strong Mama’ notebook

1 x beautifully made soft toy/comforter for the baby

• Don’t sweat the small stuff. I’ve realised that there’s absolutely no point in worrying about the little things. We are as organised as we can be and everything else can wait. There’s only so much prep you can do before the baby arrives and by cutting yourself some slack, you’ll enjoy the last few weeks much more (note to self!)

• Eat nourishing food. It can be really tempting to reach for the high sugar/fat snacks – I have most certainly given in to temptation and I’m fine with this as I know that my body needs what it needs in terms of energy. However, I always balance-out sweet treats with lots of fresh, raw fruits and veggies and lots of good fats and proteins. Babies put on a lot of fat throughout the last 3 weeks of pregnancy so eat what you fancy and make sure that it’s varied. My indulgent chocolate & date smoothie cup is totally yummy and is bursting with lots of nutrients for the baby. Here’s the recipe

• Breathe. Life is going to be a whirlwind in no time at all and I have been making sure that I take 10 minutes each day to breath-in the silence! I cannot wait for our little one to arrive but I know that quiet moments will be fleeting (I will relish every second of it). In the meantime, with my hot water bottle and a cup of tea, I am making these 10 minutes a time to relax as much as I can, unwind, visualise my labour and generally chill. I highly recommend it.

• Do your research. Knowledge is power so they say and I have been reading-up lots about the different things that can happen during the whole labour process. I’ve printed-off a free download by Pinter & Martin and I’ve created a visual birth plan booklet that’s tucked inside my notes. A visual reference is much quicker to decipher than a load of words on a page which will be great for when the midwife needs to see what my preferences are.

• Pack your hospital bag with your partner. I was given this great piece of advice a few weeks back and it makes total sense! The last thing I want to be doing whilst potentially pushing is trying to explain where things are in my bag! We’re now all packed and ready to go and Shaun knows exactly where I’ve put the biscuits!!! Haha!

• Put your feet up! (Again, note to self!). I find this especially tricky as I am always wanting to make new recipes, re-organise, just do that ‘one thing’ before I sit down! I have to continually check myself and remind myself that I am 9 months pregnant and my body needs rest. The baby too needs rest as it gets ready for the next stage. I like to go through my ‘to do’ list in the morning, go for a walk, get dinner going then I’ll think about getting cosy for the evening. Relaxation is so crucial during the last weeks of pregnancy as we need to conserve our energy for labour. I might watch some tv, do some writing, listen to some calming meditation or eat some snacks! Anything to make my body and mind feel relaxed and to nurture my wellbeing at this late stage I’m totally on-board with.

• Eat the cake! My current favourite daytime activity is to find a nice place for a cuppa and a slice of cake (to break-up my walk!) – Any excuse! If a girl can’t eat cake every day when she’s 9 months pregnant, when can she, hey?!? I am totally loving this part of my day and it’s lovely to sit with my notebook and write. It completely relaxes me and I know that I will look back and really cherish the days when I took my bump out for a lovely walk and some nice chats with people. It’s good to stay sociable once work is done and dusted; it’s good for the soul and for mental health.

That’s a wrap my loves! I hope you like my tips for staying well during the last trimester of pregnancy. They have really helped me – finding my groove throughout each stage of the last 9 months has been a joy and it is the best training for what’s coming-up next!

To all you pregnant beauties, new Mum’s, first-time Mum’s, 3rd time Mum’s, you’re all really amazing and you’re doing a great job! This is no mean feat and pregnancy is tough work but we too are tough!

Whatever stage you’re at, remember to be kind to yourself, take a day at a time and remind yourself just how amazing you are.

Thanks so much for stopping-by! This may well be my last pregnancy-related blog post before the baby arrives! I have a feeling that things might start moving a bit earlier than predicted. If so, thanks so much for your love, kind words and support over the past 9 months. You’re all amazing.

All my love and encouragement.

Holly xxx

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