Monthly Mantras

Hi everyone and happy (blustery) Sunday to you. The sunshine can most certainly hurry-up now – my maxi dresses & wedges are calling (although, I might need to swap wedges for flats when carrying our little baby around).

For a few months last year, I shared with you guys 5 Mantras each month that I was going to repeat to myself each day, or a few times each day to help boost my mood, my confidence and my overall sense of wellbeing.

It’s true that repeating words, affirmations and mantras to ourselves can have a hugely beneficial impact on our minds (thus our bodies), and with January feeling like the longest month EVER, I thought that it might be nice to come together and boost our emotional wellness by saying the following. Repeat after me:

  • I am beautiful, brave and bold
  • I move in rhythm with life and the cycles of the seasons
  • I am grounded and able to adapt to the challenges I encounter
  • I feel strong, capable and full of love for myself
  • I understand that nothing lasts forever and this too shall pass

I will also write these mantras on a piece (probably 20 times) and carry it in my purse or bag. I also like to take a pic and save it as my screensaver. Repetition is key and creating a visual reminder will help to embed them even further.

Apparently, January 20th is the ‘bluest’ day of the year – I’m not sure that I go along with this but the month of January can seem like quite a battle for some people for sure.

Winter always turns to spring however and it’s the little things we do regularly that amount to big things. I will be sharing more mantras next month and in the meantime, go with the flow, let the days unfold and think about all of the colour, blooms and sunnier days that are just around the corner.

All my love and encouragement,

Holly HWK xxx

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