Inspire: Casa Rosie

Set within the most beautiful surroundings that rural Ibiza has to offer, the scent of lemons trees fills the air around the stunning Casa Rosie; a renovation project and complete labour of love that combines the most exquisite parts of bohemian style and Mediterranean living.

I had the pleasure of catching-up with beautiful Katy, the owner of Casa Rosie to talk about the magical island of Ibiza, what’s inspired her and how she and her family transformed an old finca into a peaceful and tranquil haven that boasts some of the most beautiful interiors I’ve ever seen.

Casa Rosie is just stunning, how long did the renovations take and was the beautiful interior design completely your concept?

Thank you, Casa Rosie is a very special place with a beautiful feeling surrounding both the Finca and the grounds.  We felt this instantly, clearly there has been a lot of love around the property over the years and this continues with us.  Yes the interiors are all our own concept.  When we first viewed the house I visualised every part of it and how to create the space, amazingly it looks exactly as I envisaged.  It has taken time, we had to budget to do things and the interiors took time, bringing vintage items over from the UK that we had already collected, also utilising items of furniture that we had previously lived with – I am a big believer of mixing anything you love and creating your own style rather than living through a magazine.  I think if something makes you happy, whatever its era or if it is currently in fashion or not – then it’s a success. Obviously with ibiza and the finca there is a clear idea of bohemia and mediterranean living that does follow through into our style, white and blue with some yellow nuances are happy, sunny colours.  We lived in the property untouched for the first year to get a feel for its past and find our feet, renovating in Ibiza takes time, there is a huge amount of red tape and endless paperwork, at times it has been a full time job.  You have to be extremely patient and take your time.   Also, we were very much led by our budget and did things when we could afford too.

Had you always had the dream of creating a beautiful haven that allows people to be at one with nature?

It has always been a dream of mine to live surrounded by nature and create a peaceful, beautiful haven.   I travelled the world when I was younger and was lucky enough to spend a long time in some truly beautiful places, I think this made me realise I wanted to create a life where I could somehow enjoy slow living, nature and sunshine.  When you travel you get to fill up on other cultures and ways of life which definitely stick with you.

Ibiza most definitely had a unique magic about it, was the island always top-spot for your venture?

We have spent many years returning to ibiza, from our wilder younger days, to getting engaged on the island and then getting married at the beautiful Es Cucons quite a few years ago.  Although we did consider other places, we always ended up back in Ibiza and realised it had everything we were searching for.  When we saw Casa Rosie, we both knew instantly this was it.  We just went for it , in someways we were naive about the amount of work but the journey is part of the fun hey.

You live between London and Ibiza, how do you divide-up your time to make the most of both places?

Yes we split our time between London and Ibiza, we spend all of our holidays in Ibiza and also work from the house when we are able.  Our dream is to move over permanently but currently this works for our life.

What’s your creative background and how did you discover Casa Rosie?

I don’t necessarily come from a creative background but have always loved projects.  I tend to set myself goals and dreams and then do my utmost to achieve them bit by bit.  I was a creative in perfumery many years ago and got to create daily but I have also worked within many male industries in places like Nairobi and Northern Australia.  I think I just like to do unusual things and keep myself inspired.

What advice would you give to anyone who is about to embark on fulfilling their dream (and who might be feeling tentative?)

If you have a dream you’re halfway there.  Dreams are goals and are part of who you are.  Dreams fulfil you as a person, some you manage some you might not but the journey can also be the dream. Dreams lead to new dreams and so the process continues.  Sometimes it can be scary to put yourself out there, or take risks financially but I do believe that’s part of what makes a dream.  Go for it, life is short and for living.

What’s your vision for the future of Casa Rosie? 

Casa Rosie has been an organic process and will continue to grow as and when.  All we have ever really wanted was to create a happy space for us and to share that with our friends and family, to then be able to share Casa Rosie to a wider audience is wonderful.  Really the opportunities are endless, with 9 acres of land we are realising the beautiful retreats and festivals that could be possible.  We still have outbuildings that can be renovated in time to create more spaces.

What’s your favourite spot to relax on Ibiza? (Apart from Casa Rosie of course)

I love going back to Es Cucons where we got married, it brings back so many wonderful memories and the owners are now our great friends.  It will always have a special place in my heart.  A long lunch at La Paloma makes me happy maybe ending with a sunset at Hostal La Torre.

What would be your one piece of advice to your younger self?

Believe in yourself.

What do you do to relax and de-stress after a busy day?

I love to exercise, pilates and yoga but I also still love a sweaty spin session.  Eating is always key too, socialising with food is a great way to unwind.

I always ask this one: what’s your favourite smoothie blend?

If it was juice – always orange, carrot and ginger.  Smoothies, I am fan of piling in as much in as I can.

You can catch-up on the latest at Casa Rosie over on their Instagram @rosie_ibiza and I want to thank Katy so much for being the first-up in my Inspire Series. You are a real inspiration to me and I know that this will also inspire others to continue following their dreams.

All my love and encouragement,

Holly xxx

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