March Top-9 Smoothies

Hello everyone! We’re cruising towards mid-April at top-notch speed, I turn 40 in 2 weeks and I’ve been blending-up a veritable smoothie storm for the past few months!

Here are my Top-9 from March, I think there’s something here to suit all tastes! Head over to my Instagram feed for all the latest from HWQ HQ and more images plus what inspires me.

I’ll also be sharing my wardrobe edit with you soon; a whistle-stop tour of my fave dresses, new and old plus a little sneak peek of my birthday dresses! They’re sooooo beautiful.

Keep checking in to my website to see all of my delicious recipes plus all of the things i’ve been up to throughout this very special month! It’s my 40th birthday soon and I am feeling rather excited! I’ll be sharing my holiday pics and what I got for my birthday over on my Instagram too so take a little shimmy through!

Have a great day and please feel free to leave any comments or share your smoothie pics using #hollyswholesomekitchen

Peace and love,

Holly xxx



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