Self-Care Sunday

Hey campers! I hope you’ve had a great weekend. I can’t believe it’s Sunday again! Time is most definitely flying by and the lovely sunshine we’ve been treated to is making me feel all glowy.

I haven’t posted a ‘Self-Care Sunday’ for a while and in-keeping with the ‘glow’ theme, here are my Top/Fave foods and drinks that will make you sparkle from the inside.

1) Blueberries. I have been eating these little fellows by the punnet recently. My body must be craving their extra juicy nutrients; they are amazing for skin, hair and nail health and they zap-up free-radicals (keeping skin smooth and reducing dryness). They are also jam-packed full of vitamin C, too! The perfect berry to nourish your cells and make you feel energised.

2) Green Tea. It took me a while to get on-board with this, I found the taste a tad acrid to begin with. However, I persevered and I now absolutely LOVE it! It’s so good for liver health, it clears toxins and waste and helps the colon to eliminate efficiently! If we are unable to use the loo twice a day, hormones can build-up and they get released back into the system. This can cause a whole host of health problems. So, if you can keep hydrated, your body will say a huge thank you.

3) Exfoliate. If you like to scrub-a-dub-dub, you will be helping the release of toxins from the body. Your skin will sparkle and strain on the gut will be reduced. A glowing and sparkly outside begins on the inside and we can bolster our gut microbiome by keeping it in tip-top working order! If you can body brush, even better!

4) Practice yoga. I’ve recently picked-up yoga again. I find it difficult but I’m persevering. I know that it will get easier and I am feeling so good from the few sessions I’ve done already. I have some really exciting news I can share with you all soon (think yoga & juice!)…..Try YouTube for yoga sessions if you don’t have a class that you can attend nearby.

5) Drink juice. Oh yeah baby! It’s all about the juice! I have been creating the most delicious blends over the past few weeks; they really are the perfect way to start the day (and end the day, and for any time of the day in fact!). If you struggle to get your 5 veggies & fruit in each day, a healthy, cold-pressed juice will help with this. I have tweaked and perfected 3 blends that will be available really soon.

Wowzers! That’s a wrap! I’m un-plugging, getting cozy and gearing-up for a great week.

All my love and encouragement,

Holly xxx

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