Lo Bros Kombucha

Hello beautiful people! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and you’ve had some time to relax, recharge and reboot.

Just before I clocked-off ahead of the festive frivolities, I received a very special parcel in the post and owing to the fact that I’m an avid gut-health warrior, I find it truly amazing that thus far I haven’t tried Kombucha!

How, I ask myself?!? I actually don’t know; I’ve heard lots about kombucha and its amazing health benefits but I’ve never got round to trying it, until now!

I had no idea of the treat I had in-store for me! My maiden voyage into the world of fermented drinks was outstanding and I owe this top-notch experience to the good people of Lo Bros.

Their live, organic kombucha range is rich in probiotics to nourish the gut and with the addition of some delicious fruits and spices, they really are hitting the ball out of the park on the healthy drinks front.

Can you imagine my sheer delight when I opened my box of kombucha joy? Well, I did a little shimmy (around my living room, not gonna lie). I mean, Passionfruit, Cola, Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger Beer and Ginger & Lemon, that’s enough to keep a girl smiling throughout 2019! What a perfect mix of treats just in time for Christmas!

I featured their Ginger Beer blend in my Mountain Survival Guide blog post (a snapshot of all the things I’m loving to keep me firing on all cylinders whilst away in the snow!), and being rich in vitamins and live cultures, it will be wonderful for feeding friendly gut bacteria that can be impacted during air travel (who knew!!!)

I have been researching the topic of gut health for a number of years; I find it completely fascinating and there is lots of scientific evidence to suggest that there is an inextricable link between the gut and the brain (the gut/brain axis). 

More recently, this theory has evolved to incorporate the skin; a healthy and fully-functioning gut can have a profoundly positive effect on our mental health and wellbeing and it can help to heal problematic skin.

With 80% of our immune system located in the gut, it’s no surprise that when we nourish it correctly with raw foods, water and fermented drinks such as Kombucha, we can look and feel amazing! 

I am most certainly a kombucha-convert and can imagine that my gut microbiome is giving me a huge high-5 each time I drink it!

The unique flavour of this slightly fizzy & sour drink comes from the acetic acid that’s created when the bacteria and yeasts convert sugar and ethanol. Fermentation really is a magical process and one that dates back over 2,000 years; the provenance of which is firmly imprinted in the Far East. It has been historically refered to as ‘the tea of immortality’; a fine accolade, that’s for sure!

I also really love the fact that these beautiful blends come in glass bottles. There’s something really nice about rewinding the clock and revisiting older processes; such a great way to reduce plastic waste, too.

I will most definitely be incorporating these delicious drinks into my daily routine in 2019 and I will be sharing with you some very special, hybrid Holly’s Wholesome Kitchen & Lo Bros recipes soon so watch this space!

In the meantime, go grab yourselves some to try and leave your comments below! I love hearing your feedback!

Don’t forget to head over to my Instagram to see my latest recipes, pics, reviews, bants and daily goings-on!

Love to you all and enjoy your NYE celebrations!

All my fizzy love,

Holly xxx

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