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Hi you beautiful bunch of lovelies! I hope you’re really well and you’ve had a great first week of January! Where has that week gone? I wonder whether 2019 will scoot past as its predecessor did! 

I have to say, I’ve started the year feeling so alive and fresh. I climbed a few mountains last year and there was a real temptation to want to retreat and hibernate but I knew that my efforts would not be wasted and that in 2019, I could begin to reap the rewards of the seeds I’d sewn. I created the quote below as a little reminder to myself that great things take time and the lessons we learn along the way are in fact where the real treasure is found.

This time last week, I was sipping cockles-warming gluhwein after a long day walking in the Austrian mountains. It was so beautiful, the majesty of the mountains is so breath-taking and it really made me think about things, life, what’s important, why I’m doing what I’m doing.

There have been times when I’ve thought, hang on a cotton-picking minute, why am I making smoothies and writing about gut health? Why do I feel so passionately about the road I’m travelling along? 

Then I remember that it’s because I’m helping people. So many of you contact me for advice about health, mental health issues, skin issues, smoothie & juice recipes, what products I use etc and being able to offer advice, guidance and comfort is just the best thing. It feels amazing to be able to help.

I planted the seed of having my recipes published a long time ago and at that point, I had no clue as to how I’d get from A to B. It seemed like an impossible task. But, I knew that I could achieve it if I had enough patience, gumption and self-belief. So, I set my goal and I slowly and steadily worked towards making it happen.

To my delight, the amazing Vegan Food & Living Magazine have published some of my smoothie and juice recipes and in their beautiful (I mean, each page is simply stunning!), January edition. Dreams do come true if we allow ourselves to pursue them, work for them and not be discouraged if we hit a bump in the road. 

A topic that’s really fascinating to me is the idea of eating ‘sunlight foods’; those raw veggies and fruit that are bioenergetic. Bioenergetic nutrition is based upon conscious eating and eating a predominately plant-based diet can be hugely beneficial for our health. 

The nutritional value food is measured by both micro and macro-nutrients; and as we are all made-up of energy, when we ingest these nutrients, we are taking-on the light value of the plants.

I have only just scratched the surface of my research and I will keep you updated! I am currently eating lots of raw veggies, fruit, smoothies and fruit as usual with a mixture of steamed and baked as well. During the winter months, I think it’s important to nourish our bodies with warming foods. 

You can find 3 of my juice recipes to restore, revive, replenish and nourish your beautiful body plus there’s a Veganuary pull-out supplement which is a bit special!

If you are too taking part in Veganuary, I’d love to hear what your favourite recipe is! Please feel free to comment below and you can see all of my nutritious recipes here or over on my Instagram!

With my love and encouragement.

Holly xxx

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