Holy Guacamole!

Yes, this is most certainly an oldie but very definitely a goody!

I have been eating avos like they’re going out of fashion this past couple of weeks and my homemade guacamole is truly hitting the spot!

I’ve been on a slight detox of late having slightly over-indulged throughout January! The Christmas naughtiness just kept on going…..

I’ve been eating mainly raw foods, drinking lots of water and I’ve also been taking nutritional supplements to bolster my immune system. 

Zinc, Vits B & C and a good probiotic capsule have been the order of the day, all help to fortify the gut thus boosting our bodies, minds and spirits!

Spring is most definitely in the air and I can feel myself becoming more energised and smily which is sooo welcome after a very cold and blustery winter by the coast.

This quick and easy recipe is totally nutritionally-balanced and it tastes kick-ass too. You will need:

2 x ripe avos, half a clove of garlic, juice of half a lime, a bunch of fresh coriander, olive oil, salt & pepper to taste…mash up and serve!

Such a simple, tasty and healthy recipe. I like to dip some gluten-free crisps, chopped veg or, more often than not I’ll just spoon it straight into my boat race! Yep. True story.

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