My Lisbon Food Diary

I am so excited to be heading-off to sunnier climes next week and Lisbon has been at the top of my travel bucket list for a while now.

In-keeping with all things food-related, I have done quite a bit of nerdy research and I’ve discovered some amazing juice & smoothie bars! 

I literally cannot wait to locate, drink, photograph and write about my discoveries! I will also get the chance to see some amazing health food eateries in full-swing (great for when I open-up my smoothie and juice bar).

There’ll also be lots of sight-seeing, drinking (the beer scene is HUGE in Lisbon), and general meandering (my favourite thing to do whilst away in an exciting new country).

I’ll be writing-up my top tips once I arrive home so keep your eyes peeled for my fave places plus a load of photographs I suspect!

Holly xxx

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