Raspberry & Coconut Smoothie

If you like raspberries and coconut, this is the smoothie for you! I’ve just cracked-open my brand new blender and I have to say, I’m in love! Not only can I make enough mix for the entire day, it’s so quiet, quick and easy to clean! Oh, the simple things!

I’m now 16 weeks pregnant and our little bubba is doing some serious growing. She/he is the size of an avocado and its little ears can now detect sound. I’ve been singing, reading poetry and playing music.

I’ve also been eating fruit & veg like they’re going out of fashion. Who knew that a person could eat an entire melon (or more) by midday?! I’ve also been loving oranges, leafy greens, berries and crisp apples straight from the fridge!

By blending smoothies and juicing veggies, it’s much easier to get essential nutrients in in much less time. I’m making so many berry smoothies at the mo and this one is my current favourite.

Shopping list: 1 cup of frozen raspberries, 3 x tbsp of coconut milk and nectar, 100g of almonds, 300ml of coconut water, ice, 1 x tsp of pitaya powder, 5 pitted dates, blend & serve (double-up the recipe for 4 smoothies)

I hope you like this juicy blend, it really is so rich & creamy. You can replace the raspberries with strawberries, mango or pineapple; whatever takes your fancy!

I’ve also launched my new blog The Bump Diaries – head over to see my very first post all about the first few weeks of my pregnancy and how we found out our happy news.

All my love,

Holly xxx

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