Wellbeing Columnist

Hi beautiful HWK friends, how glorious was the sunshine today! I hope you had the chance to absorb some of the delicious vitamin C. 

I had a great day, I’m somewhat on cloud nine still after the excitement of seeing my very first Wellbeing column in-print in the Vegan Food & Living Magazine! It was such a great day, something I’ve been working towards for such a long time and it was a gorgeous moment! 

The topic of March’s edition is ‘Pressing Pause’; something that’s so integral to our overall wellbeing yet sometimes quite tricky to factor in to put every day lives. 

For me, taking some time each day to unwind, press the reset button and take a breather have been fundamental in enabling me to maintain balance in my life.

Go grab yourselves a copy of this totally wonderful magazine for the very best 2019 Trends! I love this mag and I am truly grateful for the support they’ve given Holly’s Wholesome Kitchen. Here’s to many more fab moments!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for all of my latest tips, advice and of course, smoothie recipes! Or, you can keep abreast of the bants right here on my website.

All my love and encouragement,

Holly xxx

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