Brewing Brothers

This August marks 3 years since brothers and founding members Charlie & Ned and best friend Billy (the ‘Brewing’ part of the equation), opened the doors to Brewing Brothers at Imperial for the very first time.

The passion and dynamism of this team, coupled with their knowledge of beer and the art of exquisite & authentic pizza-making (an accolade rightfully awarded to Dan #skills), is evident in every aspect of what they do and this amazing place in the heart of Hastings is continuing to delight. 

I’ve loved every visit and the combination of in-house brewed beer with a side of homemade pizza fresh out of the wood-fired oven is one of life’s ultimate pleasures and I caught-up with this dream team to talk all-things future plans and of course, beer!

When was the concept of of combining craft beer & pizza first conceived?

The idea of combining pizza and beer came from a trip to the USA. Ned and Charlie experienced the concept of a bar in a brewery with a simple food offering all over the west coast and saw a gap in the market in the UK, especially in the south east. 

What did you do before opening Brewing Brothers and what inspired you to start brewing?

Previous to BB, Ned and Charlie’s family have a pub in the country and that’s where we all became educated in the pub trade. You could say we all developed a fascination with local real ale in the time spent working there but it was the USA trip that introduced us to more modern, craft beers.

Where and when did you learn the art of brewing and is it something you’ve always been interested in?

Billy learnt the art of brewing largely through trial and error. A few home brews and a lot of books. With the help of other very patient, local brewers we did a few brew days around the area before jumping somewhat in the deep end. 

How do you source the beers you have on tap and was it a big step creating your own range?

We serve beers from all over the country, the likes of which we go through rigorous market research to discover (hours and hours in pubs). But our own beers are a product of much hard work, recipe tweaking and customer feedback. It’s taken a long time to develop what we call our core range but we’d never consider our work complete and we strongly believe there is always room for improvement. 

I noticed that you recently had a vegan beer, have you seen an increase in the number of people requesting these?

All of our beer is vegan friendly as is most of the stuff emerging from the craft beer market. We don’t see it as necessary to put finings (usually derived from a fish’s swim bladder) in our beer. 

What’s your vision for the future of Brewing Brothers?

We’re currently in the process of expanding our brewing capacity. Once we’ve found a premises and taken delivery of our new brewing kit we’ll be able to sell our beer across the south east and beyond. It’s an exciting time for us and we can’t wait to see what the future holds! 

What advice would of give anyone with a desire to open their own business within the food and drink industry?

Find what’s unique about you, do it good and be passionate about what you make.

In terms of pizza we always try to source seasonal ingredients which means the menu is ever-changing. 

What are your thoughts on the cask vs keg debate?

We love cask, we love keg. It all depends on the style of beer, there’s no right or wrong. 

Which of your brews are you most proud of?

We’re really proud of the Gallaghers IPA, it’s our best seller. We’re also pretty pleased with a collaboration we did with local coffee roaster Roar Gill. An Espresso Martini imperial stout.

I have to ask this! What’s your favourite smoothie blend?

We like big flavours! Mango, banana, strawberry, lime, you name it! 

Thanks so much for being a part of my series, see you again soon for beer & pizza!

Holly X 

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