Learning To Let Go

Hi beautiful HWK friends, I hope you’re well and you enjoyed the glorious sunshine today. Spring has most definitely (well, almost), sprung and I have the urge to fill my home with pretty flowers.

I love vibrant, fresh flowers and it makes me feel happy to see them shining in all their unique glory. Each and every flower is different yet beautiful in its own way; just like us. We all possess a treasure-trove of qualities and traits that make us who we are and allowing ourselves to bathe in the light of our individuality is a truly magical thing.

It can infuse our lives with purpose, give hope and build self-esteem. Embracing all that we are opens wide the door of opportunity and possibilty. No longer will our nagging self-doubt hold us back; acknowledging that these not-so-helpful feelings were there for a reason and they served a purpose helps us to put them to bed.

Forging-on courageously with an unwavering spirit takes work, persistence and determination but once we resolve to follow our own unique path, no matter what obstacles we might face, we can lead a life of shining beauty that is imbued with the knowledge that we are strong enough to face the challenges that might test us along the way.

By learning to let go of certain ways of thinking, responding or reacting, we allow ourselves to embrace a new path; one which can serve us better and thus others. We gain a lot from our personal experiences and at the right time, we can then impart what we’ve learnt to someone else who might find themselves in a similar situation. 

Being a guiding light, remaining hopeful, taking great strides with absolute courage; all of these things will inspire others to persist with their journey. There may be twists and turns along the way but how we understand the greater meaning of these obstacles ultimately reveals more about our strength and wisdom. Facing adversity head-on, resolutely and with a smile can turn something painful into something joyful.

So, take your steps day by day, in whichever direction feels right for you and keep carving your way towards your happiest life. 

That’s my thought for this sunny Wellbeing Wednesday, I hope you like it.

As always, please feel free to leave any comments or feedback and head over to my Instagram feed for my latest pics/recipes/musings.

All my love and encouragement,

Holly xxx

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