Competition Time

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all having a wonderful January so far. How lovely has the bright sunshine been these past few days (albeit a tad chilly round the bits!) I’ve been writing lots and creating an abundance of delicious smoothies! Yum! I’m sharing a smoothie/juice recipe over on my socials every day of 2019 so I’ve been a busy bee!

Alongside this, I’ve been posting lots of my NourishMe Wellness Boxes to their new homes and I am so happy to share with you guys that you can win one of my gorgeous boxes of self-care, vegan sunshine in February’s Vegan Food & Living Magazine!

It’s such an amazing prize and each luxury NourishMe Wellness Box has been lovingly curated to help promote wellbeing in mind, body & soul. I’ve hand-selected 5 of my favourite products to restore, calm, energise and promote wellbeing. A beautiful dose of self-care to treasure yourself in this moment; a little box of sunshine to light-up your day.

My NourishMe Wellness Box contains: 1 x MOA Lavender, Cardamom & Pine Himalayan & Sea Salt Dreamy Mineral Soak, 1 x Rose & Geranium Soap Folk Soap, 1 x Etta French candle, 1 x Alchemy Organic Super Blends Energy Elixir, 1 x Mind Wellbeing Journal, 1 x designed by me A4 ‘Rise’ Print, 1 x illustrated by my A4 Hamza print, 1 x set of Calm inspire cards…..That’s a beautiful bounty of self-care loveliness comes with a complementary hand-written, personalised postcard (all designed by me, yay) 

For more info about my boxes, head over to my Instagram or latest website posts (you’ll also find some gorgeous smoothie & juice recipes, too!) 

I would like to say a huge thank you to the beautiful Vegan Food & Living Magazine for being amazing and for featuring my bountiful  box. I am truly grateful to be able to share my passion for wellbeing in this way.

Here’s to a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2019! Good luck my darlings! You’ve got to be in it to win it and you’ve got until 21st February to enter!

Love you all!

Holly xxx

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