My Freelance Journal

Hi everyone!

My Freelance Journal page is now up-and-running, yay! I’ve wanted to get this going for such a long time and it feels amazing to be finally writing it!

For the past year or so, I’ve been carving-out a career as a freelance copywriter, product photographer and social media account developer. I love every aspect of my job and working creatively alongside other business owners is a dream. Helping them to realise their business goals is very rewarding.

It’s been quite a long process however and taking the leap to self-employment was a big one. It kind of happened in incremental stages and it’s been a huge learning curve.

My Freelance Journal is a platform for me to share my daily goings-on, my routine, how I plan and make decisions (and the smoothies I make!). It will be a guide perhaps on how to create the freelance life if it’s something you’ve been thinking of doing too.

Not all methods work for every person and we all have our individual ways of doing things but please feel free to check-in to see what’s new and how I continue to work at making freelancing work for me!

And remember, the world is your lobster and you can create, do, be anything you want to be!

Head over to ‘My Freelance Journal’ page in the top tab.

All my love and encouragement,

Holly xxx

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