Sunshine Coolers!

Pitaya Punch Smoothie:

This smoothie certainly does pack a punch; a huge, healthy one right between the eyes in the nutrition stakes! Pitaya is a powerhouse of antioxidants. It can alleviate allergies, sooth the gut lining and keep skin clear and supple! 
You will need:
1 x frozen banana, 1 x handful of fresh strawberries, 1 x tsp of pitaya powder, 100g almonds, 300ml coconut water, ice…..Blend and serve with a sprinkling of goji berries.

Virgin Piña Colada Cooler:

I can’t think of a better way to start the day than with my delicious Virgin Piña Colada Cooler. It literally tastes like all the very best, most gorgeous bits of your summer hols all rolled into a mason jar; sun, sea, balmy evenings, scorching days…..! Oh, and a dash of white rum definitely spices things up a bit!

You will need:
1 x frozen banana, half a ripe pineapple, half a ripe mango, 100g cashew nuts, 1 x tbsp chia seed powder, 3 x tbsp desiccated coconut, 300ml coconut water. Blend until creamy and serve over ice…..and don’t forget the rum!

Berry Bliss Smoothie:

Nothing screams summer quite like my Berry Bliss Slushie! Crammed full of goodness and all the vitamins and minerals to make your cells dance, it’ll keep you hydrated, nourished and firing on all cylinders during the hot weather.
It’s so important to keep sufficiently hydrated when it’s hot especially and by incorporating a slushie into your daily routine, you’ll be shining like the sun! Being a slushie as opposed to a smoothie, the water content is much higher (and it’s packed with loads of citrus zing, too!)
You will need:
1 x frozen banana, 1 x cup of frozen berries, juice of 1 lime, juice of 1 orange, 3 x tbsp of coconut nectar, 500ml coconut water, lots of ice. Blend and serve over lots more ice and decorate with fresh mint and a wedge of lime. Serves 2.

I hope that these blends make you smiiiiile! You will find all my other nutrilicious recipes here

Lots of love,

Holly xxx

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