August’s Top Picks 

I am so delighted to have my monthly Too Picks up and running!  Each month, I will be sharing with you all of the wonderfully healthy products I’ve discovered, tasted, enjoyed.

The Great Stuff Company, snack food for active lifestyles, boasts a range of delicious and nutritious popcorn, crispy bites and nut cruches to re-fuel after being in the great outdoors!

I’ve sampled the whole range and they are simply divine! Gluten-free and jam-packed full of omega fats and minerals, they really are the perfect, post-cycle/swim/hike fuel. 

I pack my bag with them if it’s going to be a long day out of the house and they keep my energy levels topped-up between meals so there’s no reaching for high-sugar/fat treats!

Dr. Will’s have quite frankly re-defined the humble condiment. Completely free from refined sugar, preservatives or additives, their range of ketchups, bbq sauce and avocado mayo, yes, I said avo mayo, are bursting with nutritional goodness. 

I’ve been creating some delicious, spiced sweet potato wedges adorned with lashings of ketchup! Just the trick for a blustery day! The bbq sauce and avo mayo were the main events at my summer be feasts! 

Mashd Golden Turmeric Chai has got it going on!!! Fresh, never dry, it is the BEST chai mix I have ever tried. Some hot almond mylk and a shaving of fresh turmeric to garnish and hey presto! A divine, healthy drink to warm your cockles! 

Boundless activated seeds and nuts combine ancient Aztec and Aboriginal methods with bold spice blends to create the most nutrilicious flavours that create a veritable riot on the taste-buds! 

Pocket-size and nutritionally perfect, they tick all the healthy snack boxes!

Nush Caramel & Hibiscus dairy, soy, gluten-free, almond mylk yogurt is 100% vegan – It’s quite literally ‘goodness in a nutshell’. I cannot wait to sample the other delicious flavours and I will be blending-up a smoothie storm later with the addition of a good dollop of Nush to make it extra creamy and luscious.

Nuroco MCT coffee is an absolute revelation! An energy-boosting blend of healthy coffee blended the best part of coconut oil; a completely natural way to boost mood, energy and brain function! Simply add hot water and you’re away! I can’t wait to try the Matcha blend! 

Vieve Protein Water contains 20g of protein with zero calories and no added sugar! With 3 delicious blends to choose from, this amazingly nutritious drink is a complete and natural way to hydrate after exercise! 

Well, actually, it’s not just the ‘workout’ base covered, I carry one with me most days – I mean, who doesn’t want to nourish with their RDA of collogen?!? #youtfulskin

Gregory’s Tree fruit twists are a great-tasting, organic fruit snack helping to ‘beat the dip’. An essential addition for any lunch box! Yes, I still have a lunch box…..Being only 60 calories and 1 of your 5-a-day, these cheeky little twists are the perfect sweet treat for all the family! 

I hope you like my August Top Picks! I’ve LOVED tasting and sampling all of these beautiful goodies! 

If you’d like to be featured in my September Top Picks, just send me over a DM and I’ll get back to you.

All my love,

Holly xxx

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