Glow Glow Glow

The sun is shining, the beautiful summer flowers are showing their vibrant faces and I have just tweaked my top-3 recipes for glowing, youthful skin! 

Not only will these smoothies nourish the skin, they will also bolster and fortify the mind, body and soul! 
Green Genie Juice:

This rip-roarer of a smoothie concoction will most definitely grant you three wishes! I have fine-tuned this recipe and it most certainly delivers bags of flavour as well as hydrating, recharging and cleansing the body.
Youthful, dewy skin is definitely achievable by ensuring that the gut microbiome is balanced and harmonious. 
A healthy gut equals healthy, robust and flowing skin and the anti-oxidants in my Green Genie help to zap-up free radicals within the body which can cause ageing of the skin.

You will need: 1 x avocado, 1 x banana, 1 x handful of spinach,1 x handful of kale, the juice of 1 lime, half a pint of coconut water
Blend, serve and enjoy!
Raspberry, Dragonfruit & Lime Smoothie:

I can’t express how delicious this blend is (well, possibly through the medium of dance!). It is jam-packed full of reviving and restoring vitamins and it tastes simply divine! It’s like summer in a smoothie!
What you’ll need:
1 x punnet of raspberries, 1 x dragonfruit, 1 x banana, 100g almonds, the juice of 1 lime, half pint of coconut water

Blend together all of the ingredients and serve over ice. Best enjoyed in the sunshine with a good book!
Bang Tidy Mango Lassi Smoothie:

Take me to the beach please! This delightful, refreshing and energy-boosting blend reminds me of holidays and sunshine. It’s pretty-much a piña colada without the rum. 
It’s an absolute marvel for the complexion and it will nourish from the inside with a nutrilicious array of essentials vitamins and minerals. A true youth elixir!

What you’ll need:
1 x ripe mango, 1 x banana, 2 x slices of fresh pineapple, 2 x tablespoons of coconut milk, the juice of 1 lime, half a pint of coconut water

Whizz-up, serve over ice and let it work its magic!
There you have it! My top-3 skin-nourishing, make-you-glow smoothie/juice recipes! 

With my love and encouragement,

Holly xxx

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