Bumblezest Buzzing!

Spring has most definitely sprung and the beautiful, sun-like daffodil is natures colourful way of letting us know that the cold weather is coming to an end and that we will soon be surrounded by a plethora of vibrant plant life.

Imagine my sheer joy, then when I received the through the post a the most delicious selection of health shots from Bumblezest.

They are pretty-much Spring in a bottle! The colours, the packaging, the health-reviving ingredients; they encapsulate all the rejuvenating aspects of this wonderful season.

I just love the fact that the entire range of Bumblezest natural health shots contain 100% natural ingredients, they are totally free from gluten, lactose, dairy & nuts, they’re also carbon neutral and we mustn’t forget that they source and use ethical British honey to support British bees and beekeepers (vegan options also available). 

I have the pleasure of indulging in these 3 delicious blends: Apple CV, Milk Thistle & Charcoal, Chamomile, Lavender & Spirulina and Ginger, Turmeric & Collagen! 

To see the entire Bumblezest range head over to their Instagram account @bumblezest or check-out their website http://www.bumblezest.co.uk

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