Smoothie Delights

What a beautifully sunny day it’s been today! I’ve been making lots of smoothies, juices and Christmas decorations! I am literally at my happiest when I’m using my hands to make things. 

If you follow me on Instagram (@hollyswholesomekitchen) you’ll have noticed that I uploaded the cutest smoothie image this morning. Not only were they looking (and tasting) insanely lush, each bottle had its own little festive hat (knitted by my mum). 

How adorable are they?!? My mum knits them each Christmas and pops them on top of a well-known spherical, fedtive-favourite chocolate and sells them to raise money for charity. They also make an appearance in our stockings which makes this 38 year old girl smile!

So, we have my Bang Tidy Mango Lassi and the very juicy Super and Winterberry Smoothies. Each contain a banging blend of superfoods, protein, coconut milk and coconut water. The addition of coconut milk makes them extra creamy; the perfect (virtuous) indulgence that can be enjoyed any time of the day.

Bang Tidy Mango Lassi: 1 x ripe mango, 1 x frozen banana, 2 x tbsp coconut milk, 1 x tsp chia seed protein powder, 1 x tbsp coconut nectar, small handful of nuts, cover with coconut water. Blend, slurp, enjoy!

Superberry & Winterberry Smoothies: Replace mango from above recipe with berries and blitz!

I hope you love these blends as much as I do; making this little business of mine work is my passion and I really do appreciate all of the support I’ve had from you all.

Love and peace,

Holly xxx

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