It’s happening! I am so very truly, wonderfully, beautifully excited about the next step for Holly’s Wholesome Kitchen.

I’ve been thinking about this for such a long time and to finally see my logo/graphics/stickers for JuiceMe makes me a very happy girl.

I started Holly’s Wholesome Kitchen roughly 4 years ago after a spell of ill-health that affected me physically and mentally. I decided that in order to make a full recovery and to heal my skin, I needed to treat nourish my body from the inside.

The first thing I made was my Super Berry Breakfast Smoothie; a beautiful blend of summer berries, nuts and coconut milk. Since then, I’ve been making, devising, cooking, creating and blending my way through each day. 

It’s a real labour of love and I feel grateful that I experienced a not so happy time as it guided me in the direction of health and steered me towards what I feel is my ‘calling’ in life.

I want to help others achieve optimum health and to assist them on their journey. If I can share my love of healthy food and the recipes I have created, bingo!

Juicing, for me is right up there. A juice a day…..I’ve got it down to a fine art now and I make sure that I have a litre or so in the fridge at any one time.

Juicing is the perfect way to ensure that we get the very best out of our lovely, fresh ingredients (and they taste divine).

I will be sharing more info soon about how you can buy my juices and juice packs. I hope you like them! Xxx

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