Super Berry Breakfast Smoothie Alert! 

With a fridge full of fresh, wholesome ingredients and a smile on my face, I made my way to my Nutribullet to make the most fabulously nutritious smoothie this morning. 

Nothing makes me happier than spending some quality time at my local market, deciding on which produce to take home. I used to spend my pocket money on clothes and shoes, now it goes on coconut water and fruit! Oh how things change…..

Anyway, this smoothie is a really healthy and filling addition to my morning repertoire and it really does keep me full until lunchtime. I always make sure that I add nuts of some description to the mix either in the smoothie itself or on the side. Protein keeps you fuller for longer and it helps to lower the GI of the smoothie. Perfect smoothie-tricks!

I had a little bit of the mixture left over so I added it to a cute ice cube tray ready for tomorrow’s breakfast. 

To make this beauty, you will need;

10 juicy, plump strawberries, 1 banana, small handful of both blueberries ans raspberries, a dash of coconut milk, almonds and some ice. Blend until smooth and devour! 

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