Winter Berry Wonder Smoothie

I can’t tell you how delicious this smoothie tastes. I urge you to have a pop at making it. It’s one of the simplest yet tastiest blends I’ve concocted recently. 

It can be quite difficult to get hold of decent berries at the moment so I picked-up a few bags of frozen fruit that will see me through until the berry-picking season (I literally cannot wait for this). 

The mix of blackcurrant and blackberries are delicious; if you find them a bit sharp, add a dash of coconut nectar to sweeten. 

For this beaut, you will need:

Frozen berries, 1 x banana, half a teaspoon of Maca powder, a dash of coconut nectar (optional) and a few cashew nuts. Blend until smooth and serve in whichever receptacle you have handy.

Top tip: Best enjoyed in the sunshine.

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