Virgin Piña Colada 

It was beautiful sunny day yesterday so I naturally imagined myself on a beach, cool waves lapping at my feet. Alas, no such luck. However, in-keeping with the spirit of things, I decided to try to replicate this scene using my Nutribullet and some fruit. I came up with my version of a Virgin Pina Colada (sans actual spirit). 

It really did transport me back to my brief trip to Ibiza last September and my long balmy days sitting on the beach sampling the various delicious cocktails on offer from the small but perfectly formed wooden shack, perfectly positioned to satiate the thirst of many a beach-bunny.

My favourite, without a doubt, was the Pina Colada. Delivered in a chalice-like receptacle, complete with obligatory paper umbrella and wedge of fresh pineapple, I thought that it may have lasted longer than it actually did. I can be forgiven however, baring in mind that I was on holiday and I was slightly hysterical with excitement to be back on the beautiful island. 

Anyway, three chalices-full and a tipsy dip in the sea later, I made my way back to my hotel to rustle-up something to eat; the next thing I know, it’s 9am the next morning.

This version is like a day on the beach in a glass. It is very simple yet totally tropical and satisfying. You will need; 1 banana, 1 mango, chunks of pineapple, 3 tablespoons of coconut milk, coconut water, ice and a twist of fresh lime. 

Blend together and serve over crushed ice. Perfect. 

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