Strawberries & Cream Smoothie 

I can’t tell you how beautifully creamy and nourishing my Strawberries and Cream Smoothie is. I first made it in the summer (as part of a vegan strawberry parfait recipe I was testing-out). The remnants looked quite scrummy so I blended them together, added some Vitacoco coconut water and a dash of Coyo coconut yogurt and served over crushed ice (and slurped my way through it in the glorious sunshine).

With strawberries being out-of-season, I dipped-in to the delicious bounty of frozen berry ice cubes I made a few months back. 

Simply blend together frozen Berry Ice Kisses, a dash of coconut milk, a dollop of Coyo yogurt, a pint of coconut water and a few cashews. It tastes truly scrumptious.

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