Raspberry & Mango Ripple Smoothie

This little gem of a smoothie has it all. It tastes divine, it is loaded with antioxidants and it is belter of an inflammation buster. 

Many skin conditions can be linked to inflammation in the body (associated with mast cell production and histamine levels). When the body is having to deal with inflammation, it can put us under an incredible amount of stress which then further accelerates the amount of histamine produced. It is an ongoing cycle buy it can be addressed. 

Drinking plenty of water and cutting-out dairy products are two ways to decelerate histamine production. By simply giving the body enough water, stress levels can be reduced dramatically.

This beaut of a smoothie contains an array of healthy, nourishing ingredients and the cheeky addition of figs will speed-up elimination and allow the liver and skin to function optimally.

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