My Day On A Plate

Hi beauties. I hope you’re well and you’ve enjoyed the sunshine over the past couple of days. It’s felt almost Spring-like here on the South coast; lots and lots of opportunities for me to get out and about with River. He adores the park and the sea, which was particularly beautiful today.

I actually started writing this blog post about 2 weeks ago but I’ve had other writing deadlines so it’s been on the back-burner! I find that I write best at night once all of my chores are done and River is fed, pjs on and snoring (as he is now!).

A few of you have asked recently what I eat in a day and although I have steered away from this previously, I thought that because I am still breastfeeding, it might be good to share what an average day on my plate looks like. I am not a dietician or a nutritional therapist; I eat what feels good, in a balanced way, without denying myself of anything I fancy!

You may or may not know that I LOVE smoothies! I’ve been blending my own flavours for a few years and I am huge fan of chucking in all the good stuff alongside superfood powders and protein eg nuts. My mornings are pretty hectic nowadays and I find that whizzing-up a quick smoothie can make good use of my time and enable me to get lots of nutrients in with little fuss! I am currently in love with my Banana, Cacao & Oat Milk blend; it’s like drinking iced chocolate and it’s the perfect post-run nourishment!

Lunch is normally something salad-based with a wholemeal pitta and hummus and dinner is vegetable-based with rice/curry/chilli; batch-cooked and taken out of the freezer in the morning or cooked from scratch. I love the days when I’ve done a HUGE cookathon and all I need to do is make the accompanying bits & bobs. This saves sooo much time and makes dinnertime easy. I’m all about getting as much wholesome food in my mouth with the least fuss!

Then there are the snacks! I’ve always eaten a lot of food, I love food and I feel good when I know what I’m eating and when I’m going to scoff it! Anyone else like this?? Haha! I like to have lots of snacks throughout the day alongside water, tea and one coffee in the morning. Snacks can be anything from a slice of toast with peanut butter to a full-on chunk of cake the size of my head with a cuppa! A pregnancy craving that’s stuck is juicy apple slices smothered in almond butter and a little bit of coconut nectar. Oh my days!

So, here is my average day on a plate!

6.30am 1 x glass of warm water with lemon followed by a cup of tea & a slice of wholemeal toast with marmalade

7.00am 1 x banana

8.00am 1 x smoothie

10am 1 x orange, Apple & coffee

12pm Salad with pitta, hummus, avocado, as much I can fit on my plate, because, breastfeeding hunger!

2pm Cuppa & something sweet

3pm Some chopped peppers, carrots, more hummus

5pm Dinner. Veggie curry with rice, mango chutney, naan bread.

7pm Another smoothie as I’ll be hungry again but I try not to eat anything past 8pm as I feel a bit sluggish when I go to bed (unless of course it’s Bake Off final night when this rule doesn’t apply!)

9pm Tea.

Sometimes I’ll wake up at 2am feeling sooo hungry so I’ll have a small bowl of cereal or some fruit – something I did too when I was pregnant. I think I under-estimated how much energy it takes to make milk and how I would still need to consume those extra calories. I also take BioCare probiotics and their Pregnancy & Lactation supplements which are amazing!


I buy superfoods eg goji berries, beetroot powder, spirulina powder in bulk and keep in an air-tight container so that they don’t oxidise. I keep a small lunchbox of chopped vegetables and something sweet with me all the time, this saves time and effort when I’m out! Plus it’s not easy parking-up outside with the buggy at the moment.

I hope you like this and it helps. I find that eating at certain times helps my body to know when it’s being fuelled and it saves me time and energy. I can prep the night before (chop veggies & fruit for smoothies) which means that I’ll be in the flow the following day! Love this!

If you’d like some wholesome meal ideas, get in-touch! I’m happy to share!

Stay-tuned for something really nourishing coming soon! I can’t wait to show you! Hint: It’ll brighten your day!

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Thanks for stopping-by! See you again soon.

Love & Smoothies,

Holly xxx

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