Get Your Glow On

It’s that time of year again! Pass me the glitter and roll me in glue!!! I will be partaking in the sparkly element of Christmas this year, for sure, but I will be 8 months pregnant so it’ll be a slightly different affair than usual.

I will be getting my festive GLOW on for sure (carrying a 4lb human inside your belly will do that!); and I will most certainly be making the most of some down-time to relax, unwind, restore and nourish myself ahead of our baby being born in February.

I’ve put together a little ‘top-tips’ list of my favourite things to do to help me feel spangly and the great thing is, they can be implemented throughout the year (not just at Christmas), whether your pregnant or not!


Eating a wholesome, nourishing breakfast will quite literally set you up for the day! Of course, I will always whip-up a quick smoothie or smoothie bowl (juices take a little longer so I will prepare them the night before if I’m short on time). Smoothies are so versatile, you can pack them with protein and they re-hydrate after a night of slumber!

There are so many delicious blends out there that can be added to your smoothie to ramp them up a few superfood notches! Pimp your smoothie! And why the heck not, hey?!?) Here are my 3 absolute favourites:

One Earth Organics

I’ve been a big fan of One Earth Organics for a long time. These nutrient-dense blends have been created by one of the best herbalists in the UK. All of the products are ethically-produced and support small family farmers and indigenous communities around the world.

I’m particularly loving ‘Rejuvenate Your Soul’ at the moment and you can check-out their other beautiful blends here @oneearthorganics or on the website

Inspiriko Love Thy Gut

‘Love Thy Gut’ by Inspiriko is a super-duper gut-boosting food supplement that contains prebiotic ingredients especially formulated for women. I add it to smoothies, juices and smoothie bowls to give them an extra bit of oomph which is particularly important during the colder months.

Check-out their website & Instagram for inspiration!


Macacha blends are raw, vegan and they pack a serious protein punch. Added to post-workout shakes or to your morning smoothie, they are the perfect way to re-fuel or to begin the day! ‘Peace’ & ‘Energy’ taste beautiful and the flavour blends are divine.


I’m finding this trickier as the weeks of my pregnancy unfold but being a very active person, I’ve been making sure that I’ve been on my feet when I can whilst taking time to rest when I need to. Taking a walk, a brisk stroll, breathing-in some lovely, fresh air can work wonders on the mind and body and I always feel rejuvenated after a walk in the cool air (followed by a hot chocolate and my pjs because it is winter after all). Balance is key and making sure that we find this within our lives, in all areas is key to feeling well and grounded.


What makes you feel good? What rituals, if any, do you do regularly to help you to unwind? December can be a really busy month full of lots of excitement but it can also be quite stressful sometimes with everything there is to organise. Juggling work, family, present-buying, parties, the list goes on; it can feel impossible to make time to just ‘be’.

We have evolved to be able to handle a certain amount for stress and stress in the right quantity is actually a good thing. However, if the balance tips, our adrenals can become fatigued and make us feel rather tired!

It’s crucial to make some time for a bit of pampering, to watch a movie, to make a wholesome meal, to go for a walk, to meditate; whatever your go-to ritual is, make time for it and don’t feel guilty! Quiet time alone with our thoughts can be very beneficial for our overall wellbeing and it can provide the space we need to find a sense of calm that can sometimes be lost within our hectic lives.

I’ve recently been writing in my @mindcharity Wellbeing Journal and it really helps me to unwind after a busy day. I make a nice cup of tea, get my cosies on and take 15 minutes with no other distractions to get my thoughts on paper.


I do love a good scrub (and soak) and over the past 7 months, I’ve really been loving this Dreamy mineral soak by Magic Organic Apothecary. It smells absolutely divine and it’s full of beautiful ingredients to draw-out toxins, it relieves aching muscles and makes the skin feel so soft.

You can keep up-to-date on their beautiful Instagram and I currently have 20% off my shop using code: FULLMOON20


Here’s the really fun part! Yep, if you can’t wear glitter at Christmas, when can you?!? I love adding a sprinkling of glitter to any festive outfit and I am really loving BioGlitter plastic-free glitter. It’s eco-friendly and they have lots colours to choose from!!! Head over to their Instagram for inspiration!


No beauty shines brighter than that of a beautiful heart. My body has changed so much over the past 8 months and I have to say, pregnancy has made me love it on a whole different level! It’s been the warm, cosy home for our baby, it’s provided everything required to nourish and nurture and help our little bean to grow big and strong.

Of course there have been days when I’ve felt tired, irritable, teary and that’s ok – hormonal shifts and my body actually changing shape can be quite exhausting but I know that in a couple of months time, we’ll be holding new life in our arms. A new, shiny human that grew inside of me and I am in total awe of the amazing things my body has achieved.

Love yourself, whatever you’re going through. Whatever trials you are facing, whatever joy or sorrow you are experiencing right now because all of these things are fleeting in the grand scheme of life. Highs and lows don’t last forever and as human beings, we have the capacity to feel, experience and work-through all of life’s ups-and-downs. Without the darkness of night, there’d be no fresh, bright new day. Each day is a new start, a new beginning so be gentle with yourself and take each day as it comes (preferably covered in glitter if possible!)

I hope that you all have an amazing Christmas and a very happy new year. I’ll be updating you soon with baby developments so keep checking-in! Only 8 weeks to go! In the meantime, have fun, take some time for you and enjoy all of the Christmas food! I know that I will be!

All my love and encouragement,

Holly xxx

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