Dreamy Smoothie Bowl

Happy Monday beautiful people, how glorious is the slightly warmer weather today! I am absolutely loving the the lighter evenings; the coral sunsets by the sea are particularly special in the spring.

I’ve also been blending-up a bit of a smoothie storm in my kitchen of late; smoothie bowls to be precise and they are rocking my world!

Being a little bit thicker in consistency than a standard smoothie, they keep me fuller for longer and they look sooooo pretty! Half the fun is making them look gorgeous and you can add any type of topping that floats your boat! 

If you love a smoothie and you’re a hungry bunny like me, you can create your very own smoothie bowl of dreams in about 5 minutes. What you’ll need: 2 x frozen bananas, 1 x cup of blueberries, 50ml of almond water (plus more to loosen mixture if necessary), 100g of almonds, 1 x tsp of maca powder. Blend until smoothie (and think), decant and decorate. 

Here are some other ideas to get your smoothie juices flowing:

These recipes were featured in the Hastings Independent Press and don’t forget that you can get your daily dose of smoothie (and other delicious recipes) action over on my Instagram account and of course, right here on my website!

I hope you have fun creating your healthy smoothie bowls. Don’t forget to share your images with hashtag #hollyswholesomekitchen

Loads of love,

Holly xxx

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