Self-Care Sunday

Hi beautiful people, happy Sunday Funday to you all! I hope your February had been great so far. I haven’t written a Self-Care Sunday post for a while so I thought I’d say “hey” and share some thoughts some thoughts about the importance of the self-care rituals! 

I truly believe that we should nurture and treasure ourselves every day, in whichever way makes us feel good but sometimes it can be quite tricky not only to find the things that work for us but also to keep them going.

That’s why I like the word ‘ritual’, ‘a set of fixed actions and sometimes words performed regularly; especially as part of a ceremony’ and this made me think about the things I do (physically) on a daily basis that have become second nature and in turn, the things I think (repetitively) that may fall under the radar.

How can the self-talk language we use affect our state of mind and mood? Do we have negative or positive thoughts about ourselves on loop? How do we address ourselves? Do we offer-up the same kindness to ourselves that we so freely give to others? If not, why not?

This is a really powderful question, I feel. Recently, I have been very conscious of my thoughts and aware of my words when I’m in conversation with people. I freely give people I meet, friends and family compliments and words of encouragement. It feels nice and I think that it’s really important to show support to our fellow humans! It’s also a lovely way to connent with people and to open-up a conversation. 

I wondered what the outcome might be if I started to shower myself with same kindness, humility and patience so for the past few months, I have implemented the ritual of repeating 5 positive things I like/love about myself every day. They change weekly and I start with a fresh new batch each Monday!

At first, it felt quite weird because I hadn’t ever done anything quite like it but sitting down on a Sunday evening with a cuppa and my notepad is a really great exercise to round-off the week. Taking 15 or so minutes to really look inwards and ponder on myself has been such an eye-opener!

It made me realise that for too long, my mind had been caught-up in a pattern of negative talk and I have made some great tracks in breaking the cycle. It’s taken courage and commitment and I haven’t found it easy but I can wholeheartedly say that it has been truly cathartic. 

Stepping away from old, tired and quite frankly, self-deprecating thought processes has been so freeing. I now hold no guilt in saying that I love the person I am and I love my life. If we start from where we are, take little steps, allow ourselves to be ourselves and really treasure the person we’ve grown to become, we can really change the things that might have been holding us back.

So, for the rest of February, why not, (if you don’t do it already), write 5 things you love about yourself and repeat every day for the rest of the week. Grab a note book, pop the kettle on, get comfy and write your list! 

Repeat after me: 

• I love myself because:

• I am proud of myself because:

• I am so happy that I overcame:

• I treasure my life because:

• I value myself because:

Write these down in your notebook and fill in the gaps! I would LOVE to see what your answers are.

Those are my musing for a wet and windy Sunday. I hope you have a great one and remember that ‘A Sunday well spent brings a week of conent’.

Keep up-to-date with my latest recipes and wellbeing tips over on my Instagram and of course, right here on my website!

All my love and encouragement,

Holly xxx

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