Autumn Vibes

It’s most definitely feeling chillier today. I just love the cooler, sunny days and the sunsets throughout the autumn months are so beautiful.

As we say a fond farewell to our amazing summer (although the forecast shows temps of 20 degrees this week), it’s good to get our beautiful bodies prepped for the colder weather. 

We need lots more veggies, vitamin D and layers and here are my top 5 tips for feeling great as this season transitions to the next:

1. Take a Vitamin D supplement. I have an amazing bottle of magic that I spray under my tongue once a day and it helps to do what the lack of sunshine can’t.

2. Hydrate. Water helps to keep the energy flowing and it flushes toxins, free-radicals and hormones from the body. It also assists with keeping bowel movements regular; crucial for eliminating all of these things! 

3. Eat root vegetables. By eating what the earth provides during each season, we take-on all the lovely nutrients that are integral for creating flow, good energy and abundant health. A hearty veggie stew or curry are just perfect!

4. Spice up your life. Spices can have an amazing effect on us. Bursting with antioxidants and micronutrients, they will warm us up as well as zapping free-radicals. Turmeric especially is a great antiinflammatory.

5. Stretch you legs! Getting active is a great way to move energy around the body, it’s great for heart health and feeling the sunshine on your face can have a hugely positive impact on our wellbeing. 

So, grab your duvet, pop on the kettle and get cozy!

Lots of love,

Holly 🍁🍁🍁

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