Self Care Sunday

It’s that time again and once more, I can’t believe that Self Care Sunday has made its way round so quickly!

With the slightly shorter nights drawing-in and despite the warmer Indian Summer balminess we’ve been treated to, our bodies are responding to the change in season/light. We are gearing-up for hibernation mode and there are lots of things can do to support ourselves through this transitional time (which are very similar to the things we can implement if we’ve over-indulgent whether it be food, drink, or both!)

The subject of Self Care Sunday this week is all about how we can re-fuel, detox and energise after we’ve had a late night, had one too many ales or if we’ve eaten a bit too much rich food.

I am a firm believer in everything in moderation and a rarely ever drink. If I do (as I did yesterday), there are a few things I do to get me firing on all cylinders again and as we move closer to the festive season, these little tips and tricks can be implemented to help us stay grounded!

1) Drink water! Yes, this may seem totally obvious but keeping hydrated really is crucial for maintaining overall wellbeing and a clear mind. A tipple or two can seriously dehydrate our bodies, hence the groggy head and generally feeling rather rubbish. By ensuring that we drink enough water, we will feel more alert, it will flush the system of toxins and it will allow for more frequent bowel movements (which is great for the skin!)

2) Get active! Yep, by working-up a sweat, we can more effecintly flush-out toxins keeping us radiant and glowing! Staying active during the winter months is so important for our mental health – it moves energy around the body and stops us from feeling stuck in body and mind.

3) Take your vitamins. I take a variety of supplements throughout the year and they alter slightly depending on the season. For example, during the colder months, I take more probiotics, a vitamin D supplement and more zinc. In the warmer months, they aren’t so crucial because of the extended hours of sunshine (and our immune systems need more of a boost in the winter).

4) Eat the rainbow. By eating an array of fresh fruit and veggies (raw if poss), we will ingest all of the lovely, nourishing micronutrients found in them. This is great after an evening of having a tipple too many as the vitamins and minerals will help to fortify and detox cells.

5) Take a nap. Oh yes. Go for it! I don’t know about you but I find myself stealing 10 or minutes on the odd occasion during the colder months. Our bodies carry-out some really important functions during sleep so never feel bad for getting an extra bit of shut eye! This too will help us to recover from a hangover of doom!!! 

There we have it, my quick and simple, 5 steps to feeling better after going out-out!!!!!

Lots of love,

Holly xxx

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