Self-Care Sunday

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve had a great weekend so far. I went to a Buddhist wedding yesterday followed by a cheeky trip to the amazing Goat Ledge

It was just glorious to sit by the sea, taking-in the sights and sounds of families having fun, music, the lapping of the waves. I had the most delicious cappuccino, too! I feel very lucky that this amazing place is only a 5-minute walk from my house! Go check it out! 

I was a bit stuck initially as to what my theme should be for my second Self-care Sunday post but something I’ve been thinking about quite a lot recently (and putting into practice), is ‘Dreaming Big’

To be honest, it’s taken a good deal of practice to shift my mindset that’s open to all possibilities and it was a challenge to really believe in myself and my infinite potential. It’s a form of self-care to dedicate the time to the things that make your heart sing. 

Therefore, I wanted to share with you how it’s possible to nurture your dreams; plant the seeds and watch them grow!

1) Clarity. I’ve found that gaining clarity about the road I wanted to take was the first step. I always have a million ideas whizzing around my head yet when it comes to smoothies and the direction I want my business to go in, I have a very clear vision. If you can inscribe your goal in mind, it really helps to focus energy, especially if you have the tendency to go off-piste (as I do!). 

2) Write it down. You may have heard this already and there are many ‘manifesting’ books available that encourage us to get our thoughts and ideas on to paper. I can fully and wholeheartedly vouch for the potency of writing-down what we want to achieve. 

I recently found a piece of paper I forgot about – it says ‘Holly’s Wholesome Kitchen’ at the top and it’s covered with all the ideas I had at the time about what I wanted my Kitchen to be. At the time, I didn’t think about the ‘How’s’, I just had a firm belief that I wanted to have those things in my life.

Fast-forward 6 years and most of the things on the list have materialised. It’s now time to create another list and I think that if there’s something you’d like to achieve, get your thoughts on paper. Embellishing a a huge sheet of A1 (or ten) with your hearts desire (you can cut pics from a magazine if you work better that way), really is the first brave step. After all, when we see it, we can believe it.

3) Believe in yourself. Sometimes tricky isn’t it, especially if you’re trying to create something without all the steps mapped-out infront you. Creation of dreams begins with ourselves. We have to believe in what we’re saying/doing/creating – this passion ripples through everything we do and through consistent striving, others begin to believe in us too. 

This is where the magic happens because it’s our backers who are going to be buying our products and investing in us with their time, effort and trust. The foundation of self-belief we create is the most effective thing we can do to make our dreams a reality.

4) Spread the word. I find this quite difficult but I had the most serendipitous chance meeting with a designer having spent months trying to create my own HWK graphics. If I hadn’t mentioned that I make smoothies (etc), I wouldn’t have my most potent marking tool; my amazing logo! I feel like sometimes I bang-on about wellbeing and health, (I most probably do), but you never know who might be listening or who they might know and expressing your passion for your dreams sends positivity right back to you. 

5) Keep the faith! If you hit a bump in the road, gird your loins, take a leap and see it as part of the plan! If we see what we may think are set-backs as an opportunity to learn a new skill, dig-deeper, build more self-confidence, we view them in a different light and instead if perhaps retreating, we shine! Persistence, perseverance and resilience are key!

Keep going, have faith, set mini goals and watch your dreams unfold. 

Dot forget to follow me on Instagram for my wellbeing recipes and tips!!! 

With my love and encouragement.

Holly xxx

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