Total Turmeric Takeover

Turmeric & Pineapple Turbo Charger Smoothie:

Nothing screams summer and lazy days soaking-up the glorious rays quite like a sun-like smoothie concoction! This one is crammed with anti-inflammatory turmeric which is amazing for skin, heart, gut, actually, it’s great for promoting and supporting all-round health and welkbeing.

To make this blend, you all need: 1 x tsp freshly grated turmeric, 1 x frozen banana, half a ripe pineapple (cubed), 3 x tbsp coconut milk, Juice of half a lime, 100g almonds, 300ml coconut water, Ice…..Blend and serve (fresh mint sprig optional!)

Turmeric, Ginger & Garlic Ice Delights:

These nuggets of joy are becoming a bit of a kitchen staple in my house! If I have any surplus smoothie, I whack-in some fresh ingredients, (in this case, turmeric, garlic and ginger), freeze and use when I’m making a fragrant curry! They are ace for using-up what’s in the fridge and they make a great base for an array of dishes! 

All you have to do it finely chop your chosen additions, place in an ice cube tray and cover with smoothie! Freeze and enjoy!

Turmeric, Rosemary & Lemon-infused Tonic:

I’ve been absolutely loving this tonic recently. Slightly less dense in viscosity than a smoothie, it’s the perfect accompaniment to balmy evenings in the garden! It’s all about locking-in fresh, vibrant ingredients so that they can work their magic from the inside, out. 

You will need: 1 x frozen banana, 400ml coconut water, 1 sliced lemon , bunch of fresh rosemary, Fresh turmeric (grated), blend together the base of coconut water and banana. Add fresh ingredients and leave to infuse overnight in fridge. Enjoy over ice with fresh mint and a wedge of lemon! It’s like summer in a glass!

I hope you love my Turmeric-themed recipes as much as I do! Don’t forgot to tag any of your creations on Instagram #hollyswholesomekitchen 

Love Holly xxx

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