Ultimate Summer Smoothie Duo

Totally Tropical Teaser
If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain…..It’s Totally Tropical Teaser time and I can’t think of a more refreshing blend to complement an afternoon in the balmy sunshine. 

This fruity blend really has got it all going on! Crammed with an abundance of anti-inflammatory goodness, it’s wonderful for gut and skin health. 

You can’t taste it but I surreptitiously snaffled-in a tiny bit of freshly-grated turmeric. Known for its amazing healing and calming properties, this versatile spice has array of wonderful health-boosting benefits up its sleeve!

Fresh, zingy and zesty, this beautiful smoothie blend is jam-packed full of vitamins and micronutrients to make you feel more energised, hydrated and rejuvenated. 

It’s important to add an element of protein to fruit smoothie mixes as it will assist in lowering the GI and this one contains almonds; these however can be substituted for vegan protein powder.

To make this delicious blend, you will need:

1 x frozen banana, 2 x rings of fresh pineapple (chopped), 1 x ripe mango, 1 x cm of fresh turmeric root, 1 x lime (juiced), 1 x sprig of fresh mint, 100g almonds, 1 x tsp organic maca powder, 3 x tbsp desiccated coconut, 300ml coconut water, ice

Simply blend until smooth and creamy and serve in your favourite receptacle and adorn with more fresh mint and a candy-coloured paper straw.

Strawberries and Cream Smoothie

Picture the scene. It’s a gloriously sunny afternoon, laughter fills the air and you’ve just laid-out the most epic picnic spread anyone’s ever seen! With summer berry season almost upon us, this nutrilicous concoction is certain to tick all the ultimate summer thirst-quencher boxes. 

I’ve been tweaking this recipe for a while and I think i’ve cracked it! There’s nothing better than a bounty of beautiful berries blended together in perfect harmony with creamy, luscious coconut milk. 

This smoothie is a celebration of the magnificent British strawberry and it’s the perfect accompaniment to lazy, sunny days basking in the sunshine.

To make this brilliant blend, you will need:

1 x punnet fresh British strawberries, 1 x frozen banana, 5 x tbsp coconut milk, 2 x tbsp goji berries, 5 x tbsp coconut milk, 1 x tsp lucuma powder, 100g almonds, 300ml coconut water, ice

Blend and serve over ice and enjoy!

I hope you like these recipes as much as I loved creating them xxx

Love Holly 💗🍓💗

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