JuiceMe, Baby!

Here they are! My beautiful JuiceMe healing, energising and cleansing juices.

To see them in all their glory, with my cute-as-a-button stickers fills me with such happiness! 

It been a long old road and I’ve loved every second of it (even the bumpy bits). These are what make us stronger and more capable, right?!

I will soon be in a position to start making these juices on a grand scale, supplying them to the local peeps of Hastings (and surrounding area). I’ll be updating you all soon with all the info you need.

Here we have my 3 faves: 1) Green Genie, 2) Paradise Found, 3) Just Beet It…..Each one totally unique in flavour and varied in their micronutrient components. 

Juicing is the bomb! By adding just one fresh juice to your daily routine, your overall health and wellbeing will improve, you will feel more energised and you will sparkle with health.

Keep your eyes peeled for what’s up next, I can’t wait to share these delights with you all.

Holly xxx

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