Raw Ombré  Raspberry, Pitaya & Vanilla Cheesecake

Oh hiya, Pitaya! What a marvel you are; a versatile, vibrant ingredient totally jam-packed full of beautiful, healing and energy-boosting anti-oxidants.

Pitaya powder is made by freeze-drying Dragonfruit, when it’s at it sweetest and juicest to lock-in its potency! Yummy! It adds a subtle sweetness to smoothies and the colour is just so beautiful.

I made this cheesecake a few weeks back and it really didn’t last very long, I whipped-up a batch of lemon coconut cream to serve alongside it (this is a brilliant addition to any sweet plate).

For the base:

•400g almonds, •200g dates, •2 tbsp raw cacao powder, •1/3 cup of melted coconut oil 

For the ombré topping:

•1kg cashews, •1 lemon, •2 tablespoons pitaya powder, •1 vanilla pod, •1 cup fresh raspberries, •half cup coconut oil, •half cup coconut nectar

Whatcha gotta do:

🌸 soak cashews for at least 6 hours 🌸 in food processor, process base ingredients and press mixture into 10″ oiled cake base with push able bottom 🌸 blend cashews until smooth and creamy 🌸 add lemon juice, nectar, oil and seeds from pod 🌸 take out 1/3 of mixture and layer on top of base 🌸 to remaining 2/3 add half of the pitaya powder and a handful of raspberries 🌸 layer on top of precious layer 🌸 add rest of pitaya powder and remaining raspberries (keep some back for decoration) and layer on top 🌸 refrigerate 🌸 remove from fridge 15 mins before serving 🌸 cut with warm knife and wipe clean before cutting each slice 🌸 serve with whipped coconut and lemon cream 🌸

Serves 10

I will be re-gigging this recipe again soon to make it more Christmassy. I’m thinking something chocolatey and orangey :)))

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