Very Berry Raw Cheesecake

It’s been a veritable riot of concocting, tasting, creating and sharing this week and my Very Berry Raw Cheesecake is not only a sight for sore eyes, it also tastes absolutely divine.

This post is for a darling friend @kristykrust, she asked for the recipe as her sister is unable to eat dairy. 

Shopping list: 1kg cashew nuts, 2 x vanilla pods, 1 x punnet blackberries & raspberries, 1 lemon, almonds, dates, figs, pomegranate, coconut oil, coconut nectar…..

Method: 1. Cover cashews in water and leave to soak in fridge overnight, 2. Blend (in food processor) 3 cups of almonds, 3 cups of dates and half a cup of coconut nectar until in small chucks. Press mixture into cake tin (with push-up base) and refrigerate for an hour, 3. Drain soaked almonds, add juice of lemon and seeds from vanilla pods. Blend and divide into 2, 4. Add berries to one half and blend, 5. Add non-berry later then berry layer and refrigerate for 1 hour, 6. Adorn with cut fresh figs and pomegranate seeds xxx 

This is a beautiful and healthy cheesecake, perfect for those who are non-dairy and gluten xxx

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