Raw Blackberry Cheesecake

It was half term last week and I spent a majority of my time conjuring-up new and delicious recipes for my site. I absolutely loved making this raw, vegan cheesecake. It is so simple to assemble and it is bursting with nourishing, healing ingredients. There’s no cooking involved which means that all the lush energy from the raw ingredients is poised and ready for action!

Shopping List

500g cashews, 500g walnuts, 500g pitted dates, 1 x vanilla pod, 1 x punnet blackberries, 1 x lemon, half cup coconut oil, 3 x fresh figs, 1 x pomegranate.  


Soak cashews overnight in water.

Whizz together in food processor dates and walnuts and press with a little pressure into base of cake tin.

Melt coconut oil.

Blend cashews, seeds of vanilla pod, juice of lemon and coconut oil until smooth, light and airy.

Take half of mixture and put on top of base.

Add blackberries to remainder of mix and blend. Layer on top of cashew cream base.


Remove from freezer an hour before serving and decorate with fresh figs and pomegranate seeds.

I can’t tell you how delicious this cheesecake is! Who knew that cashews could replicate the taste and texture of cream cheese!?! The zingy, tingly lemon is balanced perfectly by the deep, creamy hint of vanilla. I am certain that your taste buds will adore this veritable shiny disco ball of flavour explosion!

I’m now off to make a cheeky Limoncello version…..yummy x

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