Layer Me Up Baby!


This marvel in a glass is my Blueberry Belter smoothie atop my Paradise Found Smoothie. Layered-up, it looks rather scrumptious. I added extra ice to mix to make it more like a slushie in consistency (optimum layering potential achieved). It will keep you mega hydrated and the potent vitamin mix will leave you happy on the inside and glowing on the outside. Figs are wonderful for the gut and will encourage digestion and intestinal transit which will keep your skin ship-shape and help to maintain a healthy weight.

I always add protein to my smoothies in the form of nuts, be they almonds, cashews or walnuts. By adding protein, the rate at which the fructose from the fruit is absorbed in to the bloodstream is greatly lowered, preventing a sugar spike. If you do not like nuts or have an allergy, eating a side of Rye bread with avocado will also do the trick.

Top Tip…..

Freeze the remnants of your smoothie in an ice tray and use the juicy cubes when you are low on fresh fruit.

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