Raspberry Razzle Smoothie


The base of this delectable smoothie is banana and raspberries but I also added a few hand-picked blackberries to the mix as I was feeling rather rambunctious this morning. Topped-off with a twist of fresh lime and the juice of an orange, the taste is beautifully clean and naturally sweet with the prefect amount of citrus to balance it out.

To get this to happen in your life, you will need; 1 banana, a handful of raspberries, some blackberries, 1 lime and the juice of 1 orange. Pour the delicious blend over some crushed ice and serve. To make it look pretty, you can add a slice of lime and perhaps a sprig of mint if you too are in a rambunctious mood.

I always use Vitacoco coconut water as the liquid element for all my smoothies. I have tried most varieties but Vitacoco is my absolute favourite. It is crisp, light and not too sweet. If I am running a bit low, I will use half coconut water and half mineral water.

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