Green Goddess Smoothie


This morning, I have mostly been…creating the Green Goddess. Whilst making some vegan protein balls for a friend, I decided that I don’t have enough green smoothies in my repertoire. Behold the mighty Goddess full of skin-saving, energy-giving, immune-boosting ingredients. It is a thing of beauty and it tastes divine. I added a handful of spinach, a ripe avocado, the juice of 1 lime, 1 frozen banana, 1 teaspoon of Chlorella powder, a litre of coconut water to my Nutribullet and blended until smooth. I added an extra twist of lime at the end for an bit of extra zing and served over some more crushed ice.

It is the perfect hydrating tonic for a hot, sunny day and it will help to feed the good bacteria in the gut. A healthy gut makes for a healthy mind and healthy skin. All are linked and dependent on one another to function optimally. I have first-hand experience of how by maintaining a healthy gut, the mind and body follow suit and too begin to flourish.

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