My Freelance Journal

Friday 5th April

Hi beautiful people, happy Friday to you! What a week it’s been! I have been accepted on the NatWest Pre-Accelerator Course, the initial meet-up for which I attended on Wednesday.

I met so many inspiring people all at different stages of their businesses. It’s an 8-week intensive course that helps us so take the next steps with more focus, determination and drive.

I am so excited to get cracking and it made me think about the importance of branding. It’s such an integral component of a business and should convey the essence of your business in a visual nutshell! 

My logo was sketched in roughly 3 minutes about 5 years ago; the artist completely captured my personality and it has evolved into something I absolutely love. Having an instantly recognisable logo can take you miles! My HWK logo has been adapted into many different guises – the adventures are limitless!

I would advise shopping around and perhaps having a face-to-face meeting with a graphic designer. This way, you can get to know more about them and whether they can help you to bring your vision to life.

Capturing the tone and voice of your business in a visual snapshot is the way to go and I am truly grateful to have discovered my groove and to have met such a beautiful bunch of people along the way.

Wednesday 6th March

Hello beautiful peeps! I hope you’re well and you’re loving this gorgeous month of March so far. February whizzed-by so quickly, I feel like I blinked and it was over!

I’ve got some very exciting plans on the horizon, plans which will enable me to spread some love, good vibes and my passion for healthy food.

In the meantime, I’ll be writing lots, taking pics and juggling my time so that I utilise it in a productive way. Many of you have been asking what a typical day of food looks like for me and to be honest, it can change daily depending on various things.

If I’m working from home, I tend to graze more. When I’m out-and-about, I’ll take snacks and water with me. I like to always have some energy balls on stand-by and smoothie ingredients well-stocked as these are my go-to sustenance when I feel peckish. 

I’ve recently been drinking more water throughout the day and I have to say, I am feeling much more alert and my energy levels have increased hugely. 

In the morning, I have a glass of cooled-down boiled water with fresh lemon, grated ginger and tsp of coconut nectar. I fill my flask with another litre or so which I sip as the day goes on.

Once this is gone, I re-fill with cold water and make sure that I drink this before 5pm: that way, I know that I’ve had 2 litres of water before dinner! 

Give it a whirl and let me know how you feel. I’ll be sharing my full food diary really soon

Holly xxx

Friday 22nd February

Hi beautiful people! Happy Friday to you! I hope you’re having a great February so far, it seems to by whizzing-by! In the spirit of all-things Spring and trying to get more organised this year, I had a huge clear-out of my cupboards to make way for some fresh, new ingredients to start batch-cooking with. 

I have been creating meal plans for each week and the time, money and effort one saved is amazing! Being veggie, I like to make a huge batch of bean chilli, Thai veggie curry, cauliflower & butterbean curry and freeze it in (tinfoil) containers to use throughout the coming weeks. 

Knowing that I have a tasty, nourishing meal ready to go is a great feeling! I simply cook some fresh rice or bake a sweet potato or two and hey presto, that’s my evening sorted without having to cook from scratch each day.

It takes a bit of organising but the time saved by cooking all at once can be used elsewhere! To be honest, I use the time to create for recipes (mainly smoothies), or try-out bee ingredients so I’m never really out of the kitchen! Well, it is my happy place.

I’m thinking about creating a 2-week meal plan for you guys so if you’d like a copy, let me know.

Have a great day and weekend and see you again soon for my next instalment!

Love Holly xxx

Monday 11th February

Hello beautiful people! I hope you’re well and you had a great start to the week. How lovely was the sunshine today? It wasn’t so freezing either which was just gorgeous.

I’ve had a busy day packing NourishMe boxes, prints and I set-aside the whole afternoon to create some delicious recipes, take pics and finish some copywriting assignments. It was so gorgeous to get all of my ingredients out and blend-up a storm! 

If you haven’t seen already, I’m sharing 1 smoothie, smoothie bowl or juice recipe every day of 2019! That’s a whole lotta whizzing!!! Head over to my Instagram page to see today’s smoothie bowl creation, it tasted better than it looked (if that’s possible!).

Behind the scenes can sometimes be a bit hectic; ingredients and props everywhere, camera equipment underfoot, me precariously positioned on a table-top to get the right angle. I love it and the best part about being freelance is that I can take a trip to the beach and watch the waves and glistening sunshine. I love catching 15 or so minutes to take-in the sun, listen to the waves, watch people pass-by and it’s a great place to write. It really is a treat.


Thanks for stopping-by and don’t forget to keep checking-in for all the latest recipes, pics and health tips!

Loads of love, Holly xxx

Tuesday 5th February

Hi beautiful people! Hope you’re doing great! Happy Feb to you. Erm, where did January go? Although it seemed like there were 2111 days in Jan, it still seems like only yesterday I was truffling my way through the Christmas buffet table!

The past few days have been so cold and windy here in the south coast. I’ve been drinking lots of chai and cozying-up with my hot water bottle (my new best friend!).

With Spring just around the corner, I’ve been thinking lots about clearing-out the old to make for the new. It’s good have a spring-clean with our lives and I can’t think of a better time than when the sun starts to hang around for a bit longer each day! If you fancy taking a shimmy through my ’10 Ways to Spruce-up this Spring’ guide then take a look here! I’d love to hear our feedback!

I’ve also started to implement a Goals list for each week. Now that I am a totally free-agent (which feels soooo amazing), I can dedicate all of my time and energy to my business and take the necessary steps to make it go in the right direction. Having a short list of weekly points to aim for is really encouraging and it helps to focus my thoughts. 

In other news! We’ve finally decided on the tiles we’re using for our bedroom fireplace! After lots of sample ordering and finding a company that’ll allow small-batch orders, we’ve hit the jackpot! Yay!

And finally. Click here to sign-up to my mailing list and for 20% off my entire shop!

Love you all, Holly xxx

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Friday 25th January

Hello everyone! Happy Friyay to you! It’s a bit wet and wild out there today, I hope you’re keeping nice and toasty. I don’t know where the week has gone! Time really does fly when you’re having fun (and mega busy!) 

Since going freelance, I’ve been trying-out different routines to see which one fits best. The transition from working for other people to being completely freelance was a leap of faith. It took time to build-up my client base enough so that I’d be ok financially. It’s the best I’ve ever done in terms of career move and it completely fits with the free spirit side of my nature.

I think that sometimes, we really need to listen carefully to what our instinct is telling us. Being able to visit my accounts, take pictures, write, channel my energy as I feel it’s needed, is an amazing feeling. 

It’s given me time to figure out how I’m going to push Holly’s Wholesome Kitchen forwards and I am so excited for the next phase. There are some exciting things on the horizon and I can’t wait to share them with you all.

In other news! Head over to Vegan Food & Living magazine for your chance to win a NourishMe Wellness Box!!! It’s a corker! 

Wishing you a fabulous weekend! Don’t forget to take a shimmy through my Instagram for my lastest recipes too!

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Sunday 20th January

Hello you beautiful lot of gorgeous people! I hope you’re well and you’ve had a great weekend so far. What a day it’s been! The sun was shining (it was frikkin freezing, however), but wrapped-up like a human burrito, I headed-out to see the sparkly sea (and I’m so glad that I did!)…..what a gorgeous, calm, sunny view it was!

For some reason, Sunday is my favourite day of the week. I love the slow mornings, copious cuppas and sunny walks and Spring was most definitely in the air today. 

Sunday is also my day for pottering. I love to potter, doing little bits of lots, but a whole lot of nothing! Well, not exactly nothing; creating time and space for the little things make-up the huge shifts that move our lives forwards.

I’ve realised that when creating things of substance, meaning and longevity, it’s best to take the long road. Building things up, step-by-step enables us to build firm and long-lasting foundations where there’s no room for transiency. 

A solid base, deep roots and a clear vision of my future goals are really important for me. Setting myself incremental staging-posts of achievements is how I will continue to roll.

Have a great evening and see you again soon! xxx

                        – – – – – 

Tuesday 15th January

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great day. It started with another smoothie bowl of dreams followed by sending said smoothie bowl recipe (plus 2 others to the Hastings Independent Press)…..Grab a copy next Friday to see how I pimped my bowl!

I’ll be creating lots more soon to tantalise your tastebuds! They are such a great way to up your vitamin intake (in a very tasty and nutrilicious way). 

If you adore juices too, you can find 3 of my healthy blends in The Monthly Seagull. I am so grateful for the support of both of these publications and I look forward to working with them in 2019.

After a quick shimmy in to one of my accounts this morning to take some fresh photos I headed home for lunch and contacted some other publications. This is the part of being a freelancer that used to scare the hell out of me but now I love it! Creating contacts and friends this way is a really lovely part of my job. It’s all about the networking whether it’s organic or otherwise.

A good session at the gym followed by a protein-rich smoothie and dinner……lovely jubbly. Oh, and a hot water bottle with a movie…..that’s a very happy Tuesday in my book xxx

                         – – – – – 

Monday 14th January

Hi everyone! Welcome to my very first Freelance Journal entry! What a great day it’s been. I woke up with a bit of a foggy head this morning but it shifted pretty quickly after breakfast and I began to make a start on my Top 10 Bucket List Retreats (coming soon!).

Today’s AM nutrilicious sustenance was my epic Winterberry Smoothie Bowl with GF oats and kiwi. I don’t know about you but I always wake-up MEGA hungry and recently I’ve been getting back on the big breakfast wagon having fallen off it somewhat towards the end of 2018.

It really is true what they say, a hearty breakfast really fires-up the body’s metabolism and it also set us up for the day. The body can respond quite quickly, on a cellular level if it is dehydrated or in need of energy so it’s no wonder that after a sleep break (when the body is restoring and repairing itself, which takes a hella lotta energy), we get morning hunger pangs.

Breakfast. Or break fast (breaking the fast), should be packed with good fats and high in protein. Think of your tummy as a furnace; it takes a lot of fuel to get it going but once it’s burning-away nicely, it needs re-filling little and often to keep it consistent.

That’s why grazing is so good for the body. Small healthy snacks between main meals is the best way to stoke the fire. I always carry a container of nuts with me and a bottle of water – this saves money, time and prevents me from reaching for quick-fix snacks which are often high in refined sugar and fats that can spike blood sugar levels.

After a meeting this morning to talk about another social media site I’m going to be managing (I’m sooo excited), I popped to one of my existing accounts to take some images for the week and to create some fresh InstaStories.

It’s good to keep content up-to-date and relevant and being around people with a coffee is the perfect way to start the week.

After a lovely, salad-packed wrap with a side of homemade red cabbage coleslaw leftover from last nights dinner, I started to create some more of my postcards to go in my NourishMe Wellness Boxes. Each one comes with a complimentary, hand-written card which I’ve created myself from the start to finish. 

I packed-up some of my print orders and had a little shimmy to the post office with a pit-stop at my local greengrocers to buy some grapes! They are the juiciest grapes I’ve ever seen, I swear they were calling to me to eat them! I blinkin LOVE grapes, especially the red wine ones! Haha! 

Dinner this evening was homemade root veggie soup. I’m testing-out something I’ve read about nourishing the body with simple meals after 6pm to give it a chance to digest prior to sleep. Soup is the perfect meal to take-on and abundance of nutrients without overdoing it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I hope you have a great evening. You can find me on the sofa, pj’s on, watching the end of Outlaw King! Oh, and my fave Schitt’s Creek starts again on the 16th. If you haven’t seen the first 4 series, definitely check it out! It’s amazing!

Love Holly xxx